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Dockfloats.com is pleased to present Eagle Dock Floats, the preferred flotation choice of marine construction professionals. Eagle Dock Floats are manufactured using cutting edge steam-fusion and rotational molding technologies. They undergo rigorous testing during production to ensure superior flotation and long lasting service. In addition, all Eagle Floats are tank tested to provide customers with accurate buoyancy ratings. The buoyancy ratings listed for each float are the maximum amount of weight required to submerge the entire float.


The flotation is the most critical component of any floating dock system, so you want to make certain you get it right. If you’re not sure which sizes and quantities you need, call 1-888-322-9826 and let the knowledgeable staff at DockFloats.com help you select the proper flotation for your dock project. In addition to offering you guidance and suggestions, our staff can also provide you with floating dock plans that will make building your floating dock a breeze.


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